Thursday, May 24, 2012

We will run

Today I had a pretty good run and wanted to share a revelation that I had.  There has been a lot going on in my life lately.  Basically, times are just tough.  Right when I think that life is going to start moving ahead and I feel like I am closer to getting my head above water - BAM!  Something comes along to knock me back a step.  

I recently had a "bam" moment - a really big one and to be completely honest, I really just don't know how things are going to work out.  It's one of those things, where I feel like I should be really stressed out and crying all the time - but I'm not.  I am straight up in the middle of a hardship, but really and honestly, I am grateful for it.  I think that if we allow ourselves to enjoy the treasure of hard times, we will find the peace of God which passes understanding and we will find Him so very near and dear in the midst of difficulty.  And that closeness to the Lord of the universe is a priceless gift.

The past few days I have been fighting against discouragement.  As much as I really do believe I am leaning in and trusting God, sometimes the reality of life, becomes a little bit toooo ... well ... real.  Today   I was running and listening to the worship set for this Sunday at DC Metro Church on my Ipod while I ran.  It's a good mix :-)  

There I was runnin', and listening to my music, and thinking, when all of a sudden something happened.  It's like I felt the presence of someone coming up beside me and I had this revelation of Jesus joining in and running alongside me.  I felt the Lord say, "I am here running alongside you."  I thought about the current events in my life and I told God, "I'll do it.  I'll keep running."

It was a great run and I went further than I have gone in a long time (I'll be ready for my 5k before I know it).  As I neared the end of my run, I was reminded of that poem "Footprints in the Sand" and how sometimes there are footprints in the sand because those are the moments when Jesus carries us.  But then there are also the sneaker prints in the dirt - the moments when He runs right along with us, sweat pouring from his forehead.  That seems to be where I am right now.  

I really wish that there were adequate words to express my relationship with Jesus.  I wish that I could truly invite you in to my moments with Him.  I absolutely love how He is with me each and every moment.  Today I was even thinking about how I don't have much, but because of Jesus I have everything that I need.  He is my everything.  You can even say that he is my running buddy :-)

I just felt like sharing that today.  You can read more workout revelations by clicking HERE.  I also have a battery powered faith post coming soon.

And on the subject of running, I am officially signed up for the Color Run 5k in DC on October 21st.  Exciting times.  Check out the video:

I am beyond excited :-)


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