Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh the temptation

Oh, no. Red Velvet Art has done it again...offering yet another class that I want to take. As you may know, I took the art journaling class and LOVED it!!! My creative juices flowed and found themselves doing all sorts of fun stuff. Well, now there is a sewing class with all sorts of fun projects. I can get around a sewing machine ok but would love to learn more. Hmmm, should I take the plunge and take the class. Details on the class here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fair Trade Friday

And now another installment of Fair Trade Friday. The following ministry was recently introduced to me and I absolutely love what they do as well as what they make. I want one of these bags sooooo bad.

So, I introduce to you:

Visit their website at

Read all about them and if you are in the market of needing a good gift for a lovely lady, I personally think a bag from Thai Song is a fabulous idea. birthday is March 25 ;-)

Check out the following video to see how the bags are made.

I'm sorry that the video is cut off a little bit on the right. Can't seem to fix it, but you get the picture right?

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