Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Daily Dose of Glitter

Sometimes you find a gift idea for someone that is perfection.  This DIY is for a gift that was perfection for my sister :-)

I saw the idea for glitter capsules on Pinterest and just knew that I had to make them for my sister.

They are little capsules filled with glitter. When you have a bad day and need some sparkle, you just open it up and sprinkle away :-)  It's an instant party!!

This is how I did it.  It's actually very easy:

Buy some empty capsules.  I got mine from Amazon.

Choose your glitter (I liked using glitter with a top that twisted off and had a pretty wide opening).  Gold is pretty much the only option for my sister.

Filling the capsules is super simple.

They actually split into two pieces:

All you have to do is split it apart ... open up your glitter ... 

and fill the smaller portion of the capsule with glitter:

Then replace the cap and viola:

A Daily Dose of Glitter :-)

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