Monday, June 4, 2012

Arguments with God

Today I escaped to Great Falls to spend some time with God.

Life is pretty crazy right now and my discouragement hit the ceiling last night. I felt the need for a getaway today and drove out to Great Falls, VA.

I hiked out to find a sunny spot on a rock, sat down, pulled out my journal, and said "Ok God, let's talk."

I love that I can be completely honest with God because He knows all the thoughts in my head anyway.  I really just needed my moment of recognizing how I was feeling and being honest about it.

God revealed to me areas of my life that are - hmmm, how to put it - in need of improvement :-)  I found myself saying, "But God I..."and my excuses always come up short.

I realized that there were many areas where I was not turning to God and completely trusting Him.  I felt Him ask me, "Melany, when have I ever not provided for you?"  I tried to come up with a good example and had some things come to mind, but every time I came up with something, I was reminded of His hand in the situation.  It always worked out in the end - EVERY - SINGLE - TIME.

God has never ever left me hanging.  He has always provided for me.  Even as I reflected on my current circumstances, I was able to see that He is here with me working things out.

When I look past God's Presence in the present, is when things start getting stressful.  I just need to continue to rest in His peace because, as He reminded me today - He has always come through for me ... and He is not going to stop coming through now.

So, I learned today that there is no use trying to argue with God - He is always right and He is always good.

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  1. This is so close to what God has repeated to me year-after-year in times of need - He always uses the exact same phrase.... "Didn't I Take Care Of You?" and that gets me back on track.

    It's when we take our eyes of HIM that we get in trouble. May your days be trouble-free as you rest in His Grace and Provisions!


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