Thursday, May 24, 2012

We will run

Today I had a pretty good run and wanted to share a revelation that I had.  There has been a lot going on in my life lately.  Basically, times are just tough.  Right when I think that life is going to start moving ahead and I feel like I am closer to getting my head above water - BAM!  Something comes along to knock me back a step.  

I recently had a "bam" moment - a really big one and to be completely honest, I really just don't know how things are going to work out.  It's one of those things, where I feel like I should be really stressed out and crying all the time - but I'm not.  I am straight up in the middle of a hardship, but really and honestly, I am grateful for it.  I think that if we allow ourselves to enjoy the treasure of hard times, we will find the peace of God which passes understanding and we will find Him so very near and dear in the midst of difficulty.  And that closeness to the Lord of the universe is a priceless gift.

The past few days I have been fighting against discouragement.  As much as I really do believe I am leaning in and trusting God, sometimes the reality of life, becomes a little bit toooo ... well ... real.  Today   I was running and listening to the worship set for this Sunday at DC Metro Church on my Ipod while I ran.  It's a good mix :-)  

There I was runnin', and listening to my music, and thinking, when all of a sudden something happened.  It's like I felt the presence of someone coming up beside me and I had this revelation of Jesus joining in and running alongside me.  I felt the Lord say, "I am here running alongside you."  I thought about the current events in my life and I told God, "I'll do it.  I'll keep running."

It was a great run and I went further than I have gone in a long time (I'll be ready for my 5k before I know it).  As I neared the end of my run, I was reminded of that poem "Footprints in the Sand" and how sometimes there are footprints in the sand because those are the moments when Jesus carries us.  But then there are also the sneaker prints in the dirt - the moments when He runs right along with us, sweat pouring from his forehead.  That seems to be where I am right now.  

I really wish that there were adequate words to express my relationship with Jesus.  I wish that I could truly invite you in to my moments with Him.  I absolutely love how He is with me each and every moment.  Today I was even thinking about how I don't have much, but because of Jesus I have everything that I need.  He is my everything.  You can even say that he is my running buddy :-)

I just felt like sharing that today.  You can read more workout revelations by clicking HERE.  I also have a battery powered faith post coming soon.

And on the subject of running, I am officially signed up for the Color Run 5k in DC on October 21st.  Exciting times.  Check out the video:

I am beyond excited :-)

Monday, May 21, 2012

You Have No Power Over Me!

Today I was sitting outside spending some time with God.  In the midst of trying not to stress and fix the circumstances in my life, I found myself needing to just back away and spend time with my Lord.  All of a sudden I was distracted by lots of thoughts that have been going through my head lately and I found myself going down the destructive road of believing that I am not worthy of good gifts.

I'll admit that there are just certain areas of my life that I have so often struggled with feeling like I am not good enough to receive in.  Lies began creeping into my thoughts when I all of a sudden I felt the reality of an internal struggle.  It was time to begin fighting off the lies that too often capture me and hold me in the bondage of feeling like I am not beautiful, not good enough, not likable, and not worthy of good gifts.  It is almost as if I could literally feel the chains wrap around me and all of a sudden my eyes were opened to the battle.  The enemy knows where to hurt me most and as I had the realization of what was really going on in my thoughts, the words, "You have no power over me" came into my mind.  It immediately reminded of a scene from the Labyrinth:

My revelation was the very simple realization that Satan has no power over me.  I know that he tries to hinder truth from penetrating my heart.  I have been on a road of realization in the last few months - my eyes being opened to how God sees me and who I really am.  Satan has had too much victory in my life in how I view myself.  But, he has no power over me.  The truth is that I am cherished, valuable, special, and worthy of great things in my life.  I am beautiful, empowered, joyful, and my heart for Jesus delights my Lord.  I'm not gloating.  I am just stating facts - and I need to state them more often because they are the truth of who I am.  I'm a priceless treasure to a wonderful and loving God.  I pray that you may live in the same realization.  He loves us all so very much.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thanks for being a friend

"Thanks for being a friend."

- Those words opened my eyes to see a homeless man in a new light.

Sometimes I don't know how to react to homeless people asking me for money.  I don't feel comfortable giving out money (and usually don't have it to give) but I also really do hurt for the person begging on the street.  So many times, I just try to create distance and avoid looking them in the eye, because then I would not have to deal with the guilt of not helping them out.

I made the decision that today was going to be different.  Because of some things going on in my life right now, I knew that today had the potential to be a very difficult day.  So last night, I decided that I was going to move in the opposite of my own feelings and the circumstances in my life.  I was going to take my eyes off myself and do something for others.  I went to Target and got a couple of loaves of bread and some peanut butter to make sandwiches.  I bagged them up and packed them ready to hand out to some people on the streets.  In the midst of circumstances that could possibly leave me dreading the day ahead, I actually had something to look forward to and I was excited to start the day.

When I left work I walked towards the Metro and stopped to hand out food to others that appeared to need it.  I met a man who could not take the food I offered because he could not eat peanut butter, but I stood there for a moment and listened to him tell me some things about his life.  When I was leaving, his words to me were, "Thanks for being a friend."  All I did was stand there and listen.  He did not even take the food I had to offer, but he had a great appreciation for the moment that I took to listen to him.  The bottom line is, people matter.  I may not always have money to drop in a cup, but I can surely smile and possibly even pause for just a moment to say hi.

I continued on my way, with joy in my heart as I had the opportunity to hand out peanut butter and honey sandwiches packaged in plastic bags.  As I made my way to the Metro station, tears began to well up in my eyes, not because of all the things going on in my own life, but because I had just given two men in the park some food.  I had just had the opportunity to tell them, "I give this food to you in the name of Jesus because He loves you and He cares for you."  Just a very brief encounter to let them know that they matter.

If you are going through a hard time, I strongly recommend going out and doing something for someone else.  It really is a perspective changer and in the end you will probably find that you have been more blessed than those who you were seeking to bless :-)  Be love in the world and look at every person as if they matter - because they do...we all do.

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's been a long time

Lots of new happenings in life and lots of good change.  A new job and new home have definitely kept life interesting.

I am really appreciating the space that my new home has given to craft, cook, and garden.  Good times :-)

I like using dry erase markers to write encouraging things on my mirror.  Have two huge closet door mirrors is awesome :-)

I started a painting.  Still trying to figure out what I want to write on it:

I am excited to see if I have a green thumb.  Rosemary, and basil, and lavendar ... oh my :-)

I finally have some succulents.  They are so cute!

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