Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Single Valentine

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I celebrated in singleness.  Some people may read that and just think it's sad, but not me.  I love being single and I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day in my own way.

I bought myself chocolate:

I bought myself champagne and made a little trip to Tiffany and Co. for a new champagne flute:

This truth is for all my single friends: you don't need a "Valentine" to experience Valentines' Day.

You don't have to have a "special someone" in your life to enjoy flowers and chocolate.  Girlfriend, if you want chocolates and flowers - go buy yourself some.  You are completely, 100% WORTH IT!!!  And don't worry, just because it's the day after Valentine's doesn't mean you are too late.  It just means you will be able to make your Valentine's purchase on sale!  Cha-ching, look at you savvy sister :-)

For some more wonderful thoughts on who you don't need a Valentine to celebrate Valentine's Day, check out the blog of my favorite YouTuber Kandee Johnson: "5 Reasons You Don't Need A Valentine".
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