Monday, May 21, 2012

You Have No Power Over Me!

Today I was sitting outside spending some time with God.  In the midst of trying not to stress and fix the circumstances in my life, I found myself needing to just back away and spend time with my Lord.  All of a sudden I was distracted by lots of thoughts that have been going through my head lately and I found myself going down the destructive road of believing that I am not worthy of good gifts.

I'll admit that there are just certain areas of my life that I have so often struggled with feeling like I am not good enough to receive in.  Lies began creeping into my thoughts when I all of a sudden I felt the reality of an internal struggle.  It was time to begin fighting off the lies that too often capture me and hold me in the bondage of feeling like I am not beautiful, not good enough, not likable, and not worthy of good gifts.  It is almost as if I could literally feel the chains wrap around me and all of a sudden my eyes were opened to the battle.  The enemy knows where to hurt me most and as I had the realization of what was really going on in my thoughts, the words, "You have no power over me" came into my mind.  It immediately reminded of a scene from the Labyrinth:

My revelation was the very simple realization that Satan has no power over me.  I know that he tries to hinder truth from penetrating my heart.  I have been on a road of realization in the last few months - my eyes being opened to how God sees me and who I really am.  Satan has had too much victory in my life in how I view myself.  But, he has no power over me.  The truth is that I am cherished, valuable, special, and worthy of great things in my life.  I am beautiful, empowered, joyful, and my heart for Jesus delights my Lord.  I'm not gloating.  I am just stating facts - and I need to state them more often because they are the truth of who I am.  I'm a priceless treasure to a wonderful and loving God.  I pray that you may live in the same realization.  He loves us all so very much.


  1. what a great "word" from the Lord - too many times we allow Satan to get a foothold in our life - and that's all he needs to run with it. Appreciate your sharing your heart in this.

  2. I have recently been reminded that Satan is the greatest liar, and unfortunately many of his lies involve accusing us of our failures. How wonderful it is KNOW that he is a defeated enemy who has the pit to look forward to while we dwell forever with the One who loves us unconditionally. Pretty cool post, honesty is rare in a lot of what I read on the net, very good to see it in your writing.


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