Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Sista

Today is my sister's birthday.  She's 21.  This is the "Happy Birthday Demi" blogpost.

I remember when she was oh so little:

I remember the day when my mom went to the hospital to give birth to this special lady.  I was left with my grandparents.  We got BBQ from Corky's (mmmmm - BBQ) and I remember eating ice cream.  I also remember me and my 13 year old self being sick with worry and begging my grandparents to go to the hospital.  They would tell me that we would either sit and wait at the hospital or sit and wait at the house - we might as well sit at the house (it was only 5 minutes away from the hospital).  But I wore them down :-)  I think that I just got annoying and dramatic enough that they caved so we went (and waited) at the hospital.

I remember the days when this little girl adored me and would drop everything to hang out with me.  I also remember the day that she chose to go to a friend's house to play instead of going to the mall with me - it was heartbreaking.

We have had many wonderful memories together.  My most treasured memory with my sister is when she was in the 2nd grade and I checked her out of school to go see a movie (it was Finding Nemo).  I hope I never forget the look on her face as she rounded that corner in the halls of Ross Elementary School. The look of excitement at seeing me there waiting for her was absolutely priceless.  I then explained to her that I was checking her out of school to go see a movie.  She was shocked and excited and we were on our way.  We were the only ones in the movie theater when we arrived and my sister celebrated by going down to the front and dancing around - she still does this when we are alone in a movie theater :-)

I love my little sister.

I love that she always greets me by singing "Sister, Sister" from the theme song from the show:

I love that she gets embarrassed by how loud I laugh in movies, but that's ok because she really does not know how to whisper during a movie :-)

I love that she takes our favorite picture and turns it into a painting for me.

I love that the only thing that we have ever really fight about is what music to listen to in the car.

I love how she practically knocks me to the ground when she runs through the airport to greet me.

I love our road trips.

I love that she puts up with me running into her room on Christmas morning, jumping up and down on her bed, and telling her that "Santa Came!!  Santa Came!!" - except for the one time that she told me that it was too early and to go back to bed - she is supposed to be on my side, not acting like mom and dad :-)

I love how completely different we are.  (check out this post for more on that)

I love our tradition of going to IHOP for breakfast every time I leave town.

She is my special sister and I am glad that she was born on this day 21 years ago.

Happy Birthday Demi!!

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