Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas gift - Photo transfer onto wood

Now that Christmas is over and everyone is enjoying their gifts, I can share some of the gifts that I made for Christmas.

I made a photo transfer onto to wood for my parents.  I used the following video as a guide and I really enjoyed my first time using gesso.

I did not have any pictures of myself so I took my camera into the bathroom, used a shelf to put my camera on, and the shower curtain as the backdrop.  It made me laugh, but since I was doing black and white, I figured that it would not matter :-)

I started with this:

After a few minor adjustments, I wound up printing off this:

And then there was my sister's photo.  I emailed her and asked her to send me some pictures.  The following is what she sent me:

Are you laughing?  
Because I am :-)  
While these photos are completely representative of my sister, they were not exactly what I was looking for to make a Christmas gift for my parents.  
PS - isn't it funny what complete opposites my sister and I are :-)  I love her so much!!!!!!

So, with not much to select from, I knew that I had to take matters into my own hands :-) and luckily Facebook saved the day.  I just looked through the pics of my sis that others had posted and found this nice one from my mom:

After some cropping and minor tweaks, I had this:

Much more like what I was asking for :-)  
I love you Demi ;-)

I followed the video and came up with this:

Not so bad for my first time doing a photo transfer - and my parents LOVED it.  Yeah!  Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.


  1. I adore my new pictures and I think you should "hire out" making these - they are so so precious!

    I'm glad you posted the "how to" video as you know I love to understand how things are made (hmmmm...wonder where you got that from??)

    LYT and again thanks so very much for the wonderful gift! They literally brought tears to your dad's eyes.


  2. i just watched the pin video and it's so totally cool how easy this is - wonder if color would take, although I like the b/w effect with the wood grain coming through.

    So so fun!


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