Monday, August 15, 2011

Musical Monday

I feel like I used to be a little ahead of the game as far as music was concerned.  Maybe it was just that I thought that I was ahead of the game, but really very much out of the loop :-)

Well, lately I feel like I find new artists thinking to myself, "Wow!  I bet I am the first person to realize how wonderful this is" ... until I see that the album I am finding to be so wonderful is actually a few years old and many others have commented on it's wonderfulness too.  So, alas, I am not the awesome new music finder that I thought I was.

One of the artists that I am really digging right now is Lykke Li.  I love the little snippets that I have heard from her Youth Novels album.  Below is my favorite song from her, which has another one my favorites as one of the musicians (Bon Iver is awesome - check out his music too).

What music are you loving right now?

1 comment:

  1. this chick is tight - really enjoyed her.

    also, did you notice her jeans....those are so vintage '70s....and believe me I KNOW it when I see it!


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