Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Musical Monday errr ... Tuesday

I thought that I would start another feature on my blog called Musical Monday.  In this feature I will highlight ... well ... music.  I had this post all ready to go for Monday, but then I forgot.  So welcome to Musical Monday errr ... Tuesday

For my first Musical Monday errr ... Tuesday post, I thought that I would share with you one of my favorite playlists from my personal ipod.  I made this playlist last summer.  It is called "Walking down the street on a sunny day" because these songs make me feel like I should be walking down the street on a sunny day.  It is a great playlist for when the weather is dreary outside because it does actually cheer me up a bit from rainy day blues (and I really do tend to get rainy day blues).  Unfortunately, there are a few songs missing because the site I used to build the below player did not have them.  The missing songs are:
"Are You Kidding Around" - Samantha Shelton
"Beautiful Day" - Miranda Lee Richards
"She's Only Happy in the Sun" - Ben Harper (been relating to this one too well lately)

But here are the songs that I can share with you:

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