Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach memories

There has been lots of beach talk going on.  Ahhh, summer.  

Sun, sand, waves ... I adore the beach.  It is a favorite place for me.  It puts me at peace.  

I need some beach in my life.  

I have this bottle of sand that I got from one of my favorite beach spots off the PCH in Malibu.  I loved driving the PCH.  Sometimes, when I just needed to get away, I would get in my car and just drive to the PCH (sometimes at 1 in the morning after failed attempts to sleep).  I did not even have to get out of my car.  I would just roll the windows down, smell the ocean, and hear the waves.  When I was moving away from California, I drove 45 minutes out of the way just to fill my Voss water bottle with sand.  I just had to bring some California beach with me :-)

When I long for the beach, I can take out my little sand bottle and look at it ... and then get sad because it is not a 30 minute drive away anymore.  When efforts to sleep fail, I am not able to drive down to the PCH to put my mind at rest.  

Oh how I miss you beach:

I long to see you again: 

I (sniff) think of you (sniff) all the time (sniff):

But I am oh so thankful for all the wonderful memories:

Like my first time to see the California shore in Santa Monica (with Caroline as my tour guide)

That wonderful day that I spent sitting on a rock, just me and God:

Dinner with Caroline at Duke's:

And then a little stop to put our feet in some Malibu sand: 

A trip to Laguna Beach with Abby, Eliza, Dihanna, and Mike (the picture taker) ...

... complete with sand hearts and flip flop tan lines :-)

I miss you Santa Monica pier:

I miss you surfers :-)

I miss you mom ... and wish that I still lived in Cali so we could do it all again:

I could stare out at the sea for hours:

Mom and me at our Huntington visit:

Mom's favorite: Venice beach:

But don't you worry beach.  Oh, we will meet again:

And when we do, I will be ecstatically happy:


  1. Um. You are adorable. Your series of photos with your sand is my favorite. I missssss yoooooouuuuuu.

  2. LOVE THE HAT!!!! Glad to see you can still put your hands on it out when needed. I too, when feeling a bit down, will pull up that trip photo album and relive those glorious days with you, the Pacific and all the fun places we visited.

    One day....again....we WILL be Pacific-side!!

  3. @Karisse. That bottle is actually the one that I saved from when we went to that comedy club for your birthday :-)

    @Mom. I receive it. We WILL be back :-)


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