Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New addiction

Many of the blogs that I follow have been talking about Pinterest.

I have been p-interested and p-intrigued, but only recently took the p-lunge.

I became an official member yesterday (I think).  I've got one word to describe this new thing to me - addicting!!!

Oh my goodness, it's like my eyes have been given a glimpse of creative heaven :-)

Basically, Pinterest is like an online inspiration board.  It is a way to categorize all the stuff that you find on the internet, so that it is easy to find later, which replaces the need for all the tabs on my bookmark bar.

For instance, I currently have a bookmark tab titled "DIY" and it is filled with many many projects that just have a title.  It looks a bit like this:

Being that many were bookmarked months ago, I forget what they are really and have to open the page to get the gist.  And then I found Pinterest, and now I am moving all my DIY bookmarks here, so that it looks more like this:

Holy toledo!  You actually have a picture to show you what it is.  It is such a great way of organizing all your websites and projects of interest.

Aaaaand, as if that was not wonderful enough, I have not really even touched on the addicting part.  Oh yes, it gets better.  You can also see what others are pinning.  Eeek.  I have found soooo many things that I want to make and the recipes ... oh all the wonderful recipes that I have found.  It's wonderful, and fabulous, and I am absolutely addicted.

If you are interested in checking it out, my Pinterest can be found here.  You should sign up for one yourself and then maybe we can start a support group together - Pinners anonymous :-)

On another note, I am about 8 posts away from numero 100 and I am planning on having a giveaway.  I have no idea what that giveaway will be, but it is coming.  Yeah!


  1. I looked at this yesterday and found it quite Pamusing and love that it's a great way to porganize all my ideas on Pprojects (now you've got me doing it)

    Thanks for this tip - you're the best blogger ever....Phonestly!

    Pre-Happy #100 Blogpost! Can't wait to see what you are giving away...

  2. Funny how I just got my pintrest invite yesterday and after checking on new blog posts was going to go and start my addiction. Sigh. Wish we lived in the same town!

  3. @ Mom - so you will be signing up right? You will find soooo many wonderful recipes.

    @ Karisse, I wish we lived in the same town tooooo!


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