Friday, April 15, 2011

Currently Reading (a new favorite?)

I am reading a book that absolutely has me captivated and is pretty much moving "Captivating" by Stasi and John Eldredge down a notch on my favorite books list.

The book is called "God Loves Ugly (& love makes beautiful)" by Christa Black:

I saw an ad for this book in Relevant Magazine.  It is based on a song written by Christa Black called "God Loves Ugly".  I went to itunes and downloaded the song and after listening to it knew that I just had to have the book (you can listen to the entire song here).  I was then disappointed to find that the book is not available as a digital edition, but sort of felt like this is a book that I would want to pass along for others to read anyway.

So my copy arrived last week and I started it yesterday.  I am now halfway through and I'll tell you what, this book absolutely hits it on the head for me in so many areas.  My gosh!!!  There is a sea of pink highlighting the pages of my copy.

I know that it is probably mostly gals that read this blog, so I am going to speak to the ladies and say, "Girl!  Go get this book!"

On the back cover of the book, there is a question posed:  "Do you ever look in the mirror and hate what you see?"  (I know that for me, I rarely look in the mirror and DO like what I see - but God is changing that)  The synopsis on the back cover continues to say: "Your eyes can lie. [Amen to that!] Rejection, shame, and self-hatred can poison perceptions and hinder us from seeing and believing what's actually true .... You were made to live free.  Whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, depression, addiction, or just feeling a little insecure, God Loves Ugly will shift the way you think, motivate permanent change, and inspire your heart to find peace."

I can honestly say that if I had the money I would buy multiple copies of this book and just give them away - the message is THAT important.  For me personally, God has been hitting the subject of worth, beauty, and love in many different areas of my life.  I was actually thinking earlier of how much I am loving this journey that I am on.  My life is just being so filled with affirmation through books, music, and things that others have spoken to me.  I just want to keep filling into the tank because pouring affirming words into ourselves is pouring His truth in.  (I also have a story from this past week of some lies that I have found as well and what I did with it.  I will share that story in a few days.)

So, ladies, read this book.  I think that I will actually be putting it on my list of books to read at least once a year.  It's good, good, good!!!


  1. Wow. Thanks. I'm going to order this right now. :) I love you, lady. I need this message. :)

  2. sounds like a good read for ladies at any stage of life - I can sure use some encouragement right now! I'll see if library has it available..

    Thanks for the great write-up!


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