Thursday, March 31, 2011

Le Poem - By Melany

Today it's a pretty dreary day outside.

Dreary days really affect my mood.

I love sunshine.  I makes me smile.

Right now it is cold and gray outside.  Where are you spring?!?!?

So today, on this dreary Thursday a phrase came to my mind... "I will not fret.  I will not frown.  My smile will not turn upside down."

I thought to myself, "Lookie there.  I do believe that is a poem in the making."  Even though I am not a poetry writer and the last attempt was probably in high school (and we will not talk about how long ago that was), the following lines came out in a few minutes.  It's sort of silly, but I thought that I would share anyway because it brought a little bit of happiness into my dreary day.

Le Poem (because I did not take the time to come up with a better name)

I will not fret.
     I will not frown.
My smile will not turn upside down.

I will not sulk.
     I am not sunk.
I will not get into a funk.

Though it may seem
     the day is gray
I will smile through anyway.

Because I know
    that through it all
my God comes through and I'll stand tall.

- So there you have it.  My little "Le Poem".  It's about more than weather.  It encourages me that no matter what may be going on, it really is all going to be ok.  I can smile on the outside even though things may not be so wonderful within.  I feel like I need to follow that statement by letting you know that things are really ok within right now... nobody get worried about me :-)

There have been times in my life when my smile has not necessarily reached within.  I think that may be a unique gift of mine - to be able to smile when I don't really even feel it.  But, it is also important to have those people in life who know about those "I don't feel like smiling" moments.  So, it's ok for me to smile when I don't feel like smiling.  It is also ok for me to not smile and allow myself the vulnerability to be real.  Does that make sense?

At the risk of rambling on and on and on I am going to close this post with a :-) ... because that is just what I feel like doing right now :-)

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