Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A trip into Red Velvet heaven

This is the last of the posts that I promised on my post Christmas blog here.

It's a long time coming, but here is my account of visiting a store that I have been looking forward to making an appearance at for a long time.

Last summer I was introduced to the Red Velvet phenomena when I signed up for an art journaling online e-course by Elsie and Rachel.  It was tons of fun and was the starting point to opening my eyes to some really cool blogs.

Through this online course, I did not only learn about art journaling (which is really fun) but through following the course teachers, I also learned about the Red Velvet store.

Hmmm, turns out that Red Velvet is not just my favorite cake anymore.  It is also one of my favorite stores now.  My sister and I were in Missouri visiting my grandparents over Christmas and I told her that we HAD to take a side trip to visit the Red Velvet store in Springfield, MO.

It was so much fun.  Here are some pics my sis took at the store:

Elsie blogged about making Fort Lovely here.

Cute dressing rooms.  I apologize for the not so wonderful quality on the pictures.  Demi was snapping away (not that she is not a good photographer.  I just realize that these are not that great)

Mmmm...sweets and bubble tea :-)

Demi and I had a cupcake and some bubble tea.

Pretty pretty dresses.  Oh, if only I was skinny and had money :-)

I love that owl statue :-)

The front window display.

Hmmm.  Good times.  I left feeling very content and loving the very pretty clutch that I bought.

For those who are not fortunate enough to be able to visit the actual store, don't be in too much despair. They recently launched a new website and it is really cool.  Check it out here.


  1. Oh. My. The jealousy/so happy for you that I feel right now is astounding. I wish I could go TOOOOOOO. Wow! :) I've been waiting for this post. Glad it finally came! ;)

  2. You're so lucky!! I don't live anywhere near there, but I totally would LOVE to go visit the Red Velvet store, I've been reading A Beautiful Mess for quite some time now and I've followed that whole process. Looks SO cute :)


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