Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roll with it

Here is a little post that I promised awhile ago here.

While I was home for Christmas (forever ago, I know, but still very much on my mind) I got to spend lots of time in the kitchen.  One of the recipes on the agenda was making homemade yeast rolls.

I had never done bread from scratch and was very excited to pull out my great grandmother's recipe circa 1930's.  Ahh, when life was a little more simple (see previous post on the simple life).

(Me and my great grandmother Musa)

So I pulled out my hoop skirt, pearls and apron to set about in the kitchen.  Actually that's a lie.  It looked a little more like this:

I do love every opportunity to wear an apron :-)

The party started with the little party in the packet.  This stuff:
It's alive!!!

There was mixing, and sifting and adding ingredients (which I can't share with you because I don't actually have a copy of the recipe with me).

FYI - the best sifters ever are the vintage ones.  My mom has one that used to belong to my grandmother:

I have determined that I need to own one.  It's an item on my flea market / thrift / antique list.  I will find the perfect sifter someday :-)  And I plan on only spending a few dollars on it.

I learned many things along the journey to homemade yeast rolls.  

I already knew that I love my mom's vintage sifter.

I already knew that I love wearing aprons.

It was confirmed that I like making really old recipes that make you remember special moments of your childhood.

I learned that when you make yeast roll dough, it makes a little crackling sound (kind of like rice crispies):
What is it trying to tell me?

I learned that yeast roll dough really does smell absolutely amazing, even before you cook it:

I already knew that when you make bread, the dough will rise:

The most valuable lesson that I learned on the road to the perfect yeast roll is actually documented in this video:

First of all, mother is not always right.  My mom told me that once you put the leftover dough in the fridge it will not rise anymore - WRONG.  Leading to my second point: if you have leftover dough to savor at a later date, be sure to place this dough in a container about 3 times its size.  Otherwise, it will explode out of the container.  While it makes for a funny family moment, it is a potential mess waiting to happen.

Well, that is about all I have to say about this particular culinary adventure.  

That was fun.  I want to do more food making posts.  

I want my own kitchen that I can cook in at any time.  Soon - hopefully soon.  Be on the lookout for more cooking posts :-)  

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