Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Little Piggy

Last week my church (DC Metro Church) had an outreach opportunity sponsored through our women's ministry (DC Sisterhood). The idea was to take purses (both new and gently used) and fill them with toiletry know, all that stuff that us gals love. The purses were then going to be taken to a local shelter and given to the women in the program there.

When I first heard of the service project, I was absolutely thrilled by the idea. Unfortunately, my finances told me that my participation would be very limited or not at all. As the time for the service project came closer, it appeared that I was not going to be able to participate in buying anything. Gift giving is something that I adore so it was a little discouraging ... but then I remembered my little piggy.

The story of the little piggy:
Once upon a time there was a store named Target and there was a girl named Melany.
Melany loved Target.
She loved Target a LOT.
In fact, every time Melany moved to a new city, one of the first things on her agenda was to find the closest and best Target.

One day, a wonderful thing happened.
Target began carrying merchandise from a British brand called Liberty of London.
Oh, how this made Melany happy.
She loved the floral spring prints.
She wanted to buy everything, but alas she has to practice some restrain.

There were a few items that made their way into Melany's life.
The cute little notebook that is still in her purse, the bag that houses her computer and art journal...and the little piggy.
It was this little piggy that would become her best purchase.

The little piggy was a piggy bank and Melany absolutely loved it from the first time she saw it.
But why in the world would she need a piggy bank.
Piggy banks are for children, not grown adults, right?
Then Melany had a wonderful idea (probably from God as the most wonderful ideas turn out to be).
She could get the piggy bank and use it to hold all her change.
Being that she pays for things with cash she accumulated a lot of change.
What if she did not spend that change but saved it.
Then when she felt led, she could empty her piggy bank, cash in the coins, and do something special for someone else.
She would call it a piggy bank blessing.

Back to now:
And there it began. This little piggy bank that I have now emptied twice. The first time was to get a cool camera (and film) for a friend. Go God!!

Now, as this service project found me with a deep desire to participate through the gift of shopping, I felt the need to empty it once again. When these moments come, I never know how much will come out, but like to think that Jesus multiplies the change like He did the loaves and fish :-) I was so pleased to cash in my piggy bank and find that I had $65 to spend for this purse project. Praise God!!! I was able to get a new Nine West purse and lots of really cool stuff, including some stuff from the Body Shop (yeah for Ross and Marshalls).

I share all that to say that my heart was so thrilled beyond belief to see God provide to me the funds to provide some love and encouragement to one of His daughters. I love it! The DC Sisterhood purse project (which, by the way, was called "Be Her Change") was a huge success. While there were 25 purses needed to give one to all the women at the shelter, God moved and 75 purses were put together. Praise God!!! The picture below is not high quality (it was taken in a dark room with my phone), but you get the idea right? Basically...AMAZING!!!

So go get a piggy bank. Target does not carry Liberty of London anymore, but they do still have cute piggy banks...and you don't have to be 5 to own one :-)


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