Monday, August 23, 2010

The itch

I have the itch. This will probably not come as a shock (especially after my last blog), but I am pretty anxious to be back in full time ministry. It has been a thought that has been in my mind for so long. I have been bombarded with memories of my most fond moments of being on foreign soil. The littlest things have taken me back to those moments.

It has shown itself in:
the shawarma that I had for lunch the other day
(memories of Morocco)

the photos from Uganda that a Facebook friend tagged me in,
(memories of, well...Uganda)

the fondness of India as I have read the book Eat, Pray, Love
(Sorry, no picture here. It was before the digital camera age)

Gosh even as I type those things out, I am so struck with gratitude for the amazing experiences that I have had. But I just know that it is only the beginning. I will be back out there, I just know it.

A friend sent me an email today about a short term opportunity for Asia in November. I found myself once again reminding God that I am ready, upon which He gently reminds me, "No you are not." And that's perfectly fine, because I know that indeed the time will come.

So, I leave this post with a smile on my face and a dream in my heart...a dream that I know will come true :-)

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