Friday, August 27, 2010

Fair Trade Friday

This Friday I am going to highlight the website over at Not For Sale.

Their website is a wealth of information and stories about modern day slavery. I guess it has been a long time since I have been on their website, because when I visited it today my eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas ... or a Melany at Christmas :-)

I actually can't even touch on everything, because I have not been able to go through everything. So on that note, I am going to point your attention to a few of my favorite products in their store.

- You can help a woman in Uganda continue her education by buying a pair of these:
Sseko sandals $39.00
I love them...and the straps are interchangeable!

- You can buy a bag made by a woman rescued from sex trafficking in India buy purchasing this:

Maroon Floral Handbag: $17.50

or this:
Momento Handbad: $18.00

- You can help women in Swaziland get fair trade wages by purchasing this:

Stretchy Paper Jewelry: $16.00

- or you can make a fashion statement by wearing this:
Not For Sale Dog Tags: $12.00
By the way, I have decided that I really want one of these necklaces :-)

So there are just a few ideas. Visit the website and the "Freedom Store" for more. Have a wonderful Friday and a super weekend!

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