Saturday, August 21, 2010

Most passionate...

Last Sunday in church, my pastor asked a question that made me stop my note taking and do a little impromptu journaling right there in the middle of his message.

The Question: When was a time in your life when you were most passionate about God?

For me, reflection on this question has given me further confirmation into what my life is going to count for. As I took a little journal break to write down some thoughts, I realized that I am most passionate about God when I am serving Him in full time ministry. Two specific seasons come to my mind: 1. When I was working in the youth ministry at my church in Memphis 2. The first Discipleship Training School (DTS) that I staffed. There are so many more moments and so many more seasons that have deepened my passion for God, but it is these two that really stand out to me.

The passion for God in these particular seasons did not come because it was part of my job. It came because seeing God move in someone's life moves me. I LOVE seeing life change. I LOVE seeing people deepen their walk with God. It's what I live for and ultimately it's what I want to give my everything to.

I have been so blessed to have so many experiences that have enabled me to work full time serving in ministry. I am so grateful for all of it. It has not always been easy and I have definitely had my times of "brown out" (because I don't think that I ever completely "burned out").

In all honestly, right now I am very anxious to get back into it. I want to move to Thailand, or staff another DTS, or travel through Asia seeing what people are doing and praying about how I can participate. But right now, God has me in the Washington DC area for a very important reason. He is building me up and I know that one day, He will release me once more. I am very grateful for the church that God has put me in and the opportunity to pour into the youth group. I am also grateful for all the avenues that I have to meet with others to pray...and not just "pray", but really intercede, pray for the things on God's heart, defeat the devil in the name of Jesus, and speak forth the things of the Lord.

One day I will be back in the world of full time ministry. At this point, I don't have any idea what that will look like. I know that it will definitely be hard at times, but that is part of what this current season is about. I'm building some muscle. And just because I am not serving full time in ministry, does not mean that I am not passionate for God right here and right now. That is another area that I can grow in: being full of zeal and passion for God in every season because every season is from Him. Soak it all up.

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