Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photo a Day recap (days 42 - 48)

Day 42
February 11

This is me dreading walking through the door and entering back in my work day.  So long lunch break, I will miss you :-)

Day 43
"Where you ate lunch"
February 43

Speaking of lunch break, the next day the sun came out.  I took the opportunity to take my lunch outside.  This breath of fresh air really was a breath of fresh air.  Sometimes we just need to step away from the desk and come back feeling a bit refreshed.  I know that an outdoor lunch break really refreshes me.

Day 44
February 13

Oh Uggs - you may not be the prettiest shoe, but I love you for your warmth and comfort.  Changing out of my heels and stepping in to comfort to start walking towards the bus to go home.

Day 45
"Love is"
February 14

Love is ... sometimes expressed through chocolate.  Happy Valentines Day!!  I celebrated by wearing red polish, writing with a red pen, and eating chocolate all day.  It was great :-)

Day 46
"Inside your fridge"
February 15

My veggie door is my favorite area of the fridge - it needs a little bit of a shopping trip though :-)

Day 47
February 16

I had a very crafty weekend.  This project is the perfect solution for making a pretty display for my necklaces.  I also made a new earring display - more info on that coming soon - stay tuned :-)

Day 48
"In your hand"
February 17

I absolutely love this necklace that I got from Modcloth.  It's an old antique looking rotary phone.  The phone receiver is attached to a tiny chain and hangs down when you wear the necklace.  It also open up to be a locket.  I love it so much.  They are currently out of stock (sorry), but Modcloth is really good about bringing back products in high demand.  So if you want your own, let them know.

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