Saturday, February 2, 2013

Little touches

40+ hours of my life are spent at work each week ... so I might as well make my desk a space that I enjoy.

I previously posted a tutorial on my mason jar snowglobe.  That was the first little step towards make my desk at work reflect a little more of me.

I recently purchased a little something that provides a little pop of color that makes me happy.

You can get these little latte bowls at Anthropologie for $2.50.  I definitely prefer it over the boring black plastic container that I was storing my paper clips in.  Even a little bit of washi tape wrapped around the top did not spruce it up enough.

I also decided to create my own planner this year.  Many attempts of not finding the design that I like paved the way to a creative project.

I have 6 months done and plan on finishing this weekend.  Tutorial coming once I have a completed project in hand :-)

Sprucing up a boring notepad makes a pretty place to track my task items:

I just put some washi tape along the top and used a pen to write "to do".  

Sometimes a few little things can make a huge difference.  My next step is to get this little basket to hold my post-its:

"I invented post-its" - Who knows what movie that is from?  

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