Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photo a day recap (Day 14 - 20)

Day 14
January 14
Something you are reading

I have subscriptions to three magazines - Fitness, Whole Living, and Traveler.  Fitness and Whole Living always seem to arrive on the same day.  It's mailbox healthy day :-)

Day 15
January 15

I was listening to my "Happy Running List" playlist while getting ready for work.  I love this playlist.  The music puts a smile on my face and gets me moving.  It is also my favorite running list and contains my all time favorite song.  I know that I have probably shared this video before, but just in case you haven't seen it, here it is again:
("Smilin' so hard my mind looks like a capital U" - love that line!)

Day 16
January 16

It was a rough morning ... getting out of bed was sooooo hard.  I had to rush and missed my morning coffee and bagel, so I stopped at the deli in my building.  They actually have awesome coffee - hazelnut flavored.  This sister needs her caffeine :-)

Day 17
January 17

Just water running from the faucet.  I took this picture at the end of a not very good day.  I was feeling very discouraged after some things that happened in my day.  As I was on the metro coming home, I thought about water and it's cleansing properties.  It washes away dirt and nourishes our body.  I definitely needed to wash away a bad day.  So, I had a glass of wine and took a lavender scented bath :-)

Day 18
January 18
Something you bought

How cool are my new running shoes!!  I was so excited to see them come in the mail.  I bought them in the store a few days earlier, but had to place an order if I wanted the hot pink ones.  And of course I wanted the hot pink ones :-)  They make me smile.  I tried them out today and I love them.  However, after about 3 months of no running, I definitely have a lot of ground to gain back.

Day 19
January 19

I was pretty pleased to realize that this was about the sweetest treat in my possession - that was before today when I discovered the chocolate covered espresso beans in the back of the pantry :-)  I actually really love this juice.  I discovered it when I was sick a few weeks back.  It's a great juice for when you are not feeling well - or for when you just want some immune system boosting juice :-)

Day 20
January 20
Someone you love

I love Jesus so much and I have been thinking about grace a lot.  Grace is so amazing.  So many times I feel like a complete screw up.  I feel like I let God down and I let myself down.  But regardless of whatever happens, grace is always there to rebuild and restore me.  I am learning to receive it and I think that this word "grace" is a big theme for me this year.  It's definitely an area that I am growing in.  For someone who is really hard on themselves, grace is like a breath of fresh air - I just need to remember to inhale it.

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