Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some thoughts on worship

I have been thinking about worship a lot lately and God is in the process of challenging me to go deeper and step into more.  I am the kind of person that feels most comfortable standing in a corner in the back of the room singing to my Lord.  I don't think that I am alone in that.  It can be difficult to be in church around a bunch of people and engage in deep levels of intimate worship.  "Can people hear me singing?  Will others think I am crazy because I just can't stand still?"  My ideal setting to worship the Lord is in a room all by myself, with lots of space and art supplies - a place where I can sing, dance, and make art unhindered.

To me worship is a moment of intimacy and sometimes I get to concerned with others seeing my intimate moments.  But the thing is - it really really does not even matter what other people might think.  My worship is my moment with the Lord.  It's not about anyone but myself and my Savior.  Sometimes we are afforded the opportunity to be completely alone in unhindered worship to God.  And sometimes our worship is in a corporate setting - this is where our worship becomes a public display of affection.  When you see a couple that is in love, there are moments that you can see it through their own public displays of affection.  They are so lost in love that the world disappears around them.  Think about a wedding.  It's an event to mark a couple who are so deep in love that they are pledging their life to one another.  I love watching a bride and groom dance their first dance as husband and wife.  They always seem to be absolutely lost in the moment.  It's like you look at them and you just know that everything else has disappeared.  That's what I want my corporate worship to be like - to absolutely get lost in a moment and have the world disappear around me.  I want my worship to be a public display of affection to my Lord.  When you love someone, you don't really care who knows it.  I love my Lord so very much - and I want my life to reflect that in every way.

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