Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mary Nells legacy

When I was a little girl, my grandparents had a next door neighbor named Mary Nell.  I don't remember many things about Mary Nell, but I remember her cookies.  Mary Nell's Christmas cookies were always a highlight of Christmas.  She would take a plate of cookies to my grandparents house every year.  They were the most beautiful cookies you can imagine.  My favorites were the snowmen.  They were covered with white icing with red hots for buttons, silver candies for eyes, and a black icing hat.  I can literally taste them as I reflect back on them.  That is how wonderful they were - unforgettable.  I can remember eating them every Christmas Eve.  It always brought such great delight to the blond haired and blue eyed little me :-)

My grandparents no longer live in that house and Mary Nell has now passed away, but her cookie legacy lives on through me :-)  I have the recipe for those wonderful cookies.  It became a tradition for my family to make them every year.  When I moved to DC a few years ago I began making them myself.  The first batch that I made myself was a few years ago for a bible study Christmas party.  My friend Ebony raved about them.  The next year I was sure to make a batch and reserve some just for Ebony.  And this year she asked me when I was going to be making them.  I did know think that I would be able to get them made before Christmas, so I told her that she might be getting New Years cookies.  Then I became consumed with the determination to get a double batch made.  I did it all in one late night / early morning :-)  Then, I set some aside for a few Christmas parties and made up a few Christmas gift boxes.

I delivered Ebony her box of cookies at church and she told me that the security guard at her building had been asking about the girl with the cookies.  I love it!!!  I absolutely adore the fact that something which brought me so much joy as a little girl, is bringing joy to others.  I want to continue to spread that Christmas cookie joy.  I love the thought of being known as the girl with the beautiful, delicious cookies.  I want people to look forward to receiving cookies just like I did growing up.  I look forward to being able to pass the love of making Christmas cookies down to my own children someday.

I don't remember anything about Mary Nells family.  I don't know if she had children that carry on her love for making cookies.  So, I write this post in honor of Mary Nell.  I am grateful for the memories that I have of her cookies and hope to be able to be a memory creator for others :-)

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  1. Mary Nell didn't have any children of her own - I think that's why she always included us in her "cookie list" knowing how much we enjoyed them.

    I'm so proud that you are carrying on this 25+ year tradition - I so loved making these cookies with your help, and then when Demi came along she was my little helper. I remember some years I used to stay up until 3 or 4am getting them all decorated.

    And we're not even going to mention the teddy-bear-cookie your dad decorated one year!



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