Saturday, September 3, 2011

Then and Now

OK, first of all I have to state that the state of laughter I am in during this post can't really be described.  Perhaps only I can appreciate it - but I hope that you can find some joy in it as well.

Today I decided to give myself a haircut.  Sometimes when I get freaked out about life, I do something drastic with my hair.  I will either cut it all off or dye it with a semi - permanent color.  Well, I currently don't have the funds for a haircut or the box of hair dye, so I took matters into my own hands and pulled out my handy dandy hair shears.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been going back and forth about giving myself bangs and today I took the plunge.  My hand was literally shaking as I did it.  Eek!  I was so nervous.  I have not had bangs since high school!  But I did it, and you know what...

... hmmmmmm ...

... I kinda like it.

You know how I said I have not had bangs since high school.  Here is were we get to the part that is cracking me up right now:

So there is high school me and now me.  I would like to make a few comments:

1.  That high school photo is my Senior pic taken after my Junior year.  You know those pictures when you go into the studio and take lots of shots, one of which is putting the fancy feather shirt thing on.  This is the fancy feather shirt photo (I did not own a feather boa shirt).  Small note about my fancy feather shirt photo - Evidently the studio liked it because evidently they hung one in the studio.  I only found this out a few years after when someone that I worked with went to get their senior pics done and said that they saw my picture hanging in the studio.  Shouldn't I get some sort of royalties for that or something ... moving on.
2.  I promise promise promise to never ever part my hair like that ever ever again.
3.  I am so thankful for Angie Haley putting some tweezers to those Brooke Shields eyebrows of mine - ick!
4.  You know, I do think I am getting better with age and that makes me very very happy :-)  Feeling a bit like a bottle of fine wine or some wonderful aged cheese :-)

1 comment:

  1. You def grow more beautiful with each passing day, and STILL look like a teenager!

    I had forgotten about the studio hanging your portrait up - just goes to show how much the camera loves you - always a dazzle going on with you.


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