Monday, September 5, 2011

Musical Monday

Very late Saturday night I was flipping through channels and came across Les Miserables - the 25th anniversary concert on TV.  Les Miserables is a favorite show of mine and it has been since high school.   It is actually the first musical that I ever went to (great seats too - front row).  

I was thrilled beyond belief to find it on TV and was very surprised to see Nick Jonas singing the role of Marius.  It was shock, but a good one.  The kid actually did very well.  

Unfortunately, by the time I tuned in there was about 15 minutes left of the show.  Fortunately, they were airing it again at 12:30, which unfortunately meant that I lost lots of sleep.  But oh was it worth it.  I sang my little heart out and boohooed and just loved every minute of this musical masterpiece.

Since I am going a "Musical Monday" post, I decided to share some songs from the concert:

In My Life / A Heart Full of Love (how's about that Nick Jonas - I'm impressed):

Bring Him Home:

Little side note - Watching the concert on TV led to me researching if show online, which led me to find out that Les Miserables is coming to Kennedy Center and Alfie Bow (the above singer) is playing the role of Val Jean.  I am still recouping from finding this out.  Of all the times to be a little cash poor.  I want to see that show so bad!!! 

On My Own - my all time favorite song from a musical:

Another side note - the role of Eponine has always been my dream role.  I realize that I may now be too old for it.  I guess that I will just have to settle for Fantine :-)

I hope you have enjoyed this share of videos.  Anyone else love Les Miserables as much as me?


  1. My insomnia thanks you for the entertainment. I don't know Les Mis well, but I do really like it. "On my own" is also my fave! I remember reading somewhere that Nick Jonas got his start (or part of his start) with that role in Les Mis.

    Ok. Going to try and sleep again.

  2. Oh, I have SUCH a love for Les Mis. Eponine is my favorite too! Her solos are so gorgeous.


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