Monday, November 29, 2010

Momma said...

So, a few months ago my Mom
(this woman)
told me about a site called Tumblr. She told me about how wonderful it is because it could link to Facebook and a bunch of other things that I was not listening to well enough to remember (I love you mom). I told her that I did not need another thing to keep up with and I can link my blog to Facebook just fine (thank you very much).

Then I read this post from my friend Jessica about Tumblr.
All of a sudden it sounded like a good idea to me. I started myself a little Tumblr site to keep up with all the good ideas that I find all over the place. Check it out here.

Today I was browsing through Tumblr and realized that (once again) my mom might be right. Tumblr really is a cool site and it seems to have more capabilities than does (sorry). So all that to say, I might be moving (my blog, not myself - although that would be nice too). We'll see. No definite decision and I will be sure to let all of you know if I do make the move - all 3 of you.


  1. Yes, let me know! And Tumblr? Oh no. Maybe I need one too...

  2. be careful on moving the blog to tumblr...yes tumblr is a great little TOOL for managing your sites and such, but if you want to be FOUND via SEO and make yourself marketable via web, then stick with Tumblr is not SEO friendly so it didn't serve my purpose for getting our company name out there ...

    Funny...sometimes Moms do know a little something but it usually takes a friend to suggest the exact same thing to get attention (I'm just saying!!!) proved itself out once ya tons Mel! mom


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