Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fair Trade Friday - Nightlight

This edition of Fair Trade Friday sends us over the sea to one of my favorite countries...THAILAND!!!

Ahhh, I love Thailand. The people, the food, the culture, the villages. What I don't like about Thailand...the prostitution. It's big and I mean BIG over in Thailand. People will travel all the way to Thailand just for the sake of participating in sex tourism. And in the process lives are destroyed, value is stolen, and God given purpose is not being fulfilled. There are many ministries throughout Thailand that do outreach in the bars and try to give the women working in the bars a better way of life. One of those ministries is one that I have actually considered applying for an internship with. It is called Nightlife Ministry. I will let them speak for themselves in describing their purpose. It is as follows:

- Build trusting relationships through bar visits. Raise awareness about the risks of working in the sex trade and educate women about avaialble resources.
- Provide assistance and intervention through emergency shelter, rehabilitation/counseling, child-care and basic necessities to both national and international victims of trafficking and prostitution.
- Provide economic alternatives and leadership development through employment, job training and life skills training at NightLight Design, Co., Ltd.
- Offer educational opportunities while on the job and support continuing education through scholarship assistance.
- Intervene when children are solicited for prostitution. Work with guardians to protect at risk children.
- Introduce women and children to the love, mercy and healing power of Jesus Christ by giving them opportunities to grow strong in their faith and become influencers who impact their communities.
- Educate the public, including Thai and foreign, religious and secular, on the physical, psychological, legal and economic consequences of prostitution and trafficking. Encourage their involvement in advocacy and follow-up care.
- Equip and train leaders, visionaries and catalysts from around the world with resources and skills to combat trafficking and prostitution in their own communities.
- Set up global networks to assist in the repatriation of trafficking victims.
- Address the demand side of the sex industry through advocacy, outreach, counseling, referral, and intervention.
(This information was pulled from their website here)

Their store is full of all sorts of pretty things. Below are a few of my favorites:

(It's a Christmas ornament. How lovely!)
(These earrings are in their wood collection. I love them.)
(So classically pretty.)
(I love the color of these earrings.)
(This is a cute little pendant charm. I love the simplicity of it.)
These pretty things and so much more can be found at their store website here.

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