Thursday, May 6, 2010

It really does happen

Sometimes you hear stories of some guy trying to pick up some girl at a local coffee shop and you might think to yourself, "Yeah right. Like that really happens." I think that has been my take...feeling like guys just aren't bold enough to try it. Well, it happened to me yesterday at Starbucks; while I was standing in line with a two year old, no less.

There I was with Matthew jumping around (I like to call him "jumpin' bean"). The guy standing behind me strikes up a conversation, using the little guy as a reason to talk to me. Then come the questions: Is this little one mine (at this point I knew where the conversation was heading). Do I have any children? Why not? And ultimately ending with the, "Are you single?" Upon finding that I am single he then asked me if I would like to work out (or work it out. I couldn't really understand, but both options kinda baffle me). I politely declined and then made my way to the car with the "jumpin' bean".

I had a big smile on my face as I strapped Matthew into his seat. Because, while I was not interested in dating the stranger behind me in Starbucks, it really did make my day to be noticed. And I have to be honest and say that I was definitely not feeling very noticeable at that time (it had been a long day).

And there you have it: my Starbucks story. Maybe I need to go to coffee shops with a two year old more often. My trip yesterday served to give a little boost in self esteem :)


  1. Yeah Mel-and-y! You are beautiful!! So I can see why he asked you out...probably that big sweet smile of yours or was it the Mr. Potato Head eyes you like to give? ;)

  2. Andrea. I don't think that the Mr. Potato Head eyes were what drew him in ;)


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