Saturday, April 24, 2010

LIfe and death and eternity

I was driving by a cemetery today and saw that a funeral was taking place. I know that funerals happen every day, but seeing it there really made me sad and stirred me to pray for all those who were there. It got me thinking. As I was praying, I did not really know where the people I was praying for are at in their life and what this death has brought forth in them. I knew absolutely nothing about the person that was being buried or what life they had lived. I did not know if they were male or female, nice or mean, or most importantly if they knew God. It was this thought that really got me thinking as I did not know if this person had passed on into heaven or hell, but they are eternally in one place or the other. I began thinking about all the earthly bodies laying in the ground at that cemetery and the eternal status of each and every one of them. If I were to walk through a cemetery I would be walking over the decomposing bodies of people whose soul is either in heaven or hell. I am not trying to be morbid, but these were the thoughts that I had today and it is really just a reality of life. We live and we die, and then we either spend eternity with God or in hell.

Will I be freaked out every time I go to a cemetery (which is not a place I frequent) - No. Will my heart continue to be stirred with compassion the way it was today - most likely. There is lots of heartache and many tears that waters the soil of cemeteries. I know that in someway God brought peace to the funeral that I saw happening today, because that is what I prayed for and He answers prayer. Today God gave me a reminder of the reality that people all around are one step closer to hell. That is not God's desire for them. He wants eternity with us as we live life on this earth and after in His glorious presence. What great news Jesus is!

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