Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last moments

I think it is funny how you can tell a lot about a person by what they post on social media.  For instance, looking at my Instagram, you will learn that I like theater, New York, food and flowers :-)  I probably post a picture of flowers at least once a week because I buy a new bouquet at least once a week.  It has gotten to the point that my home feels incomplete without some fresh flowers hanging out somewhere.  

Want to put a smile on my face? - buy me flowers :-)

I had a birthday about a month ago and was blessed to receive a couple of bouquets of flowers.  I even had a dear family send me flowers at work.  

Want to REALLY put a smile on my face? - send me flowers at work :-)

These flowers stayed on my desk for a few days before I took them home for the weekend (there is something very wonderful about walking down the street carrying a bouquet of pretty flowers). That Friday evening I stood on the subway platform enjoying the flowers in my hand and thinking about how much they made me happy.  Then I got to thinking about how not everyone shares my love for flower bouquets.  In fact some people don't like them because they just see them as these plants that are dying - and it's true - they are dying.  These flowers are cut off from their source of life and they are actually dying.  But when you take these dying flowers and present them to someone like me, the last moments of their life are spent bringing someone pure joy and happiness.    

In life, we will have many "last moments".  It might be the last moment at a job, in a city, with a loved one ... and the list goes on.  Last moments can be sad and the sadness of a last moment can suck the life out of it.  But last moments can also be used to make lasting memories.  Last moments can be used to bring happiness and joy to someone else.  Last moments can make a lasting impact.  

When I think of last moments, I can't help but recall a very dear loved one - the most important person in my life - someone who used the last moments of their physical life to completely transform mine.  This person literally came to my rescue - I mean LITERALLY came to my RESCUE.  I was dying and they brought me life.  

In case you have not guessed it by now, the person I am referring to is my BFF - Jesus.  Jesus used the last moments of His human life to defeat death.  His last moments were the ultimate sacrifice and paved the way to eternal life in a way that only the perfect Son of God could accomplish.  Jesus' last moments of life brought life - the power of an empty grave.  Now that is using a last moment to do something wonderful :-)  

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