Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo a Day recap (Days 21 - 27)

Day 21
January 21

I was tired.  Could not think of anything creative.  Saw sparkly little Christmas tree (that is now a permanent fixture on top of my bookcase).  Thought, "I guess the light reflects off the little crystals".  Took picture.  Done :-)

Day 22
January 22

Oh my geez!!!  This was the day before I went to see Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at the Kennedy Center.  It was magical.  I love ballet!  I got to go with two of my favorite people, Karisse and Carol.  I was so happy and excited I almost cried.  I just sat there watching this fabulous production and thought, "Thank you God for this moment."  I felt very blessed to have been able to do something that brings so much joy and happiness to my heart :-)

Day 23 
January 23
"Something old"

My grandmother gave me a big box of family silver.  I love having this family heirloom.  What I don't love is having it sitting in a box not being enjoyed.  I have been thinking recently about this box of silver and how we pack away silver and china only to bring it out on special occasions, but life is a special occasion.  Every day is special.  So I pulled this little tray out of the box and am using it to sit in my bathroom and hold all my poo-pouri (this product cracks me up - love it).  And as soon as I get some silver polish I will pull out the silverware to use, because I want to enjoy it :-)

Day 24
January 24
"Guilty Pleasure"

A guilty pleasure for me is Anthropologie.  When I feel blue or have a bad day, sometimes I will go get something - usually from the sale corner - usually a plate or a mug.  The store just makes me happy.  I have also recently discovered Modcloth.  Oh goodness.  I can waste a good amount of time perusing that sight.  Last week I received my first Modcloth purchase.  That yellow duck umbrella had been on my wish list for awhile.  It's such a happy item to have on a gloomy rainy day :-)

Day 25
January 25
"Something you made"

I made this huge infinity scarf a few years ago.  It is called the GAP-tastic cowl and I followed a pattern created by Jen Geigley.  I didn't really like it very much when I finished it.  It is so big and bulky that I felt like a football player when I wore it.  At least, what I thought a football player would feel like :-)  But, I'll tell you what - this winter season I have grown to loooooove this scarf.  It's so warm and cozy. It also serves as a pillow when I ride the bus.  All I have to do is lean my head to the side and it instantly meets some cushion.  Oh, but there's more!!  This scarf is so thick that I can also flip it up to cover my head.  So basically, this is the best scarf ever!!!

Day 26
January 26

I got crafty and finished two projects over the weekend - ponytail holders and some plaques to hang in bathroom.  It all turned out great.  Perhaps I will share more later :-)

Day 27
January 27

I also made some chicken and dumplings over the weekend.  A batch of delicious comfort food that I sadly finished yesterday.  I don't eat much meat.  I consider myself to be a flexitarian.  While I do adhere to a primarily vegetarian diet, there are some foods that I don't ever plan on giving up - like chicken and dumplings ... and proscuitto ... and barbecue. 

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