Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cheers to summer!

Hello Summer!!!!

Summer has officially arrived.  Yesterday, I celebrated by making a batch of lemonade.

I found a recipe on Pinterest.

When you need a recipe - search Pinterest.
When you need inspiration - search Pinterest.
When you want to know the natural method to do anything - search Pinterest.
When you want to know how to style your new top - search Pinterest.
When you need ideas for how to decorate a room - search Pinterest.

Pinterest - it's the new Google.  (More on Pinterest HERE)

Lemonade recipe pin:

I cut the recipe in half so that it would fit in my boring 2 quart pitcher:

Boo - boring pitcher.  It makes me want a pretty, round, glass pitcher.  Maybe something clear with a little splash of color.  Hmmm, maybe something like this:

Well, at least I got to drink out of a cute glass:

And some cute straws would just make it perfection:

Source: via Melany on Pinterest

Cheers to a wonderful summer!!!

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