Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little ditty I wrote

Can I just be honest?  2012 has not been very good to be so far.  Without going into detail, let's just say that last week was rough - really really rough - like "where in the world is my life going" rough.  The following song by All Sons and Daughters pretty much encapsulates how I was feeling:

I came across the song at the blog Julia's Poppies.  The author Jamie, has great taste in music :-)

There are times in life when it can feel like the world is crashing in on us, when we feel like the carpet is pulled out from under us and we can be left wondering where in the world we went wrong.  It may seem like God is absent as we search for where He is in the midst of our circumstances.  But He is never absent.  He can see everything at all times and there is nothing in the world that could ever change that.

In the midst of working through some of the stuff going on, I picked the guitar up and the other day I wrote a song.  It all came together really quickly and I began to see that writing a song can be a bit like musical journaling.  It has been good for me.  I have never enjoyed playing the guitar as much as I have the last few days and it has never come as easily to me as it has the last few days.  I think it's a God thing as playing has really been bringing some rest and peace to my soul.

I felt like sharing the words of the song that I wrote:

Cast Your Cares

At a point of great surrender
In a lost and weary place
He cries out amongst the darkness
Saying, "I will light the way"

Oh, you can put your trust in Me
Oh, I see things you do not see

When I cannot bear the heartache
When the world is closing in
He whispers with deep affection
Saying, "Here's my peace.  Now enter in."

Oh, you can put your trust in Me
Oh, I see things you do not see

Cast your cares on me
Cast your cares on me 
And I will carry you through the storm
Cast your cares on me
Cast your cares on me
My child, I'll keep you safe from harm 

Oh, you can put your trust in me
Oh, I see things you do not see
I see you ... and I am right by your side

Perhaps one day I will even be bold enough to record this song and share it ... and on that day we can also marvel at the pigs flying around in the sky :-)

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  1. Great lyrics! Sorry things are hard. I hope we can catch up soon. (and maybe even have that Gerard Marathon we've been talking about...)


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