Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just do it!

Yesterday I went for a run - and by run I mean jog :-)  Why do we still call it running when it is nowhere near "running" - I guess it just sounds cooler (I digress).

Back to my story - I went on a run.  I had not put my running shoes on in 2 or 3 months.  I had previously been on the couch to 5k program but had decided to give it a rest because I had been experiencing some pain in my knees.  It was really frustrating to stop, but it is what I felt I needed to do.

Before I went on my break, I was at week 4 of the 9 week couch to 5 k program (at least that is what I remember).  This meant that I would do the following cycle:
Jog 90 seconds - Walk 90 seconds - Jog 3 minutes - Walk 3 minutes - and this cycle would repeat for 25 minutes.

But yesterday morning when I got back into a running program, I decided that I would not take anything with me.  No watch, no phone to track my progress, no ipod to listen to music.  I would just run - and think.

And then something happened that had never happened before.  I ran over a mile.  I warmed up with a brisk walk and then just started running - and did not stop until I reached my cool down spot.  At one point during this little run of mine, I found myself thinking "Hey!  I'm doing it!  Huh, I'm running."  It's quite possible that I could have gone even farther (I plan on finding out tomorrow morning).

I had a bit of a revolutionary thought about this when I got home.

Sometimes, we follow a plan but that plan gets in the way of our being and doing our best.  Taking from Nike, sometimes we need to "Just Do It!"  In my case, it turned out that the couch to 5k program was holding me back.  It was telling me that I needed to stop jogging and walk.  But realistically, I just needed to push through and do it.  Don't get me wrong - I am not in any way trying to knock a program that is wonderful and is creating lots of runners.  I am simply sharing what I am learning.

I think it is the same in life.  Sometimes we just plan too much and that plan really gets in the way of what is best for us.  Sometimes, we just need to do it.  Just take the plunge.  Take a risk.  Stop waiting for the perfect moment, or for every circumstance to line up, and just do something.

I have been so fortunate in my life to be able to take some leaps into the unknown.  I have had many opportunities to move where I feel led with nothing more than "Well, this seems to be what God wants me to do."  And in all those moments of jumping at God's call at a moment's notice, He has never let me down.

I am not against planning - trust me - planning can be a very very good thing :-)  But am I planning things or am I submitting myself to God's plan?  Because sometimes God's plan is no plan.  Sometimes God's plan is a leap into the unknown.  And you know what - I have found those leaps to be very exciting.


  1. LOVE this!! You are so right!! Life is ALL about leaping into the unknown, and I LOVE it! And good luck with the rest of your running plan- sounds like you are doing GREAT:)

  2. LOVE THIS LINE: "Because sometimes God's plan is no plan. Sometimes God's plan is a leap into the unknown..."

    Well said, Mel. Well said indeed. I hope life's treating you well way over there in VA. Keep blogging and keep on keeping it real.

    ...jp moses


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