Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm in love with a man

I'm in love with a man...

He lavishes me with love like none other.

A bouquet of roses is not enough - He lays an entire field of flowers before my eyes.

As I sleep, He watches over me and whispers words of love.

When I grow weary, He picks me up and offers a strong shoulder to lean on.

When I am in the midst of the storm, He offers peace and puts forth His hand to save me from sinking.

He loves me too much to see me stay where I am, but encourages me to forge on and take risks.

When I fail (as I so often do), He brings loving rebuke when necessary and grace in my rebuilding.

He has shown me the purest love in laying His own life down and bearing my cross ... my sin ... my shame.

He is altogether perfect and I am all together flawed.

Yet, through His eyes, I am radiant beauty and worthy of so much love.

I am smitten, enthralled, and head over heels.

My heart has been given away to my Jesus, my Savior, my Everything ... and I don't want it back.


  1. beautiful! :-) thanks for sharing

  2. your heart ... your words ... leave me breathless

  3. love this mel. missed your face last night! hope you're feeling better.


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