Thursday, March 10, 2011

Filled with wonder

I have a pretty active imagination and it tends to drive me to a place of wondering quite often.

Today as I was reading the book that I recently checked out from the library, I found myself wondering about all the other people who have held this very same book in their hands over the years.
- I wonder if the words on the pages of this book touched someone's heart.
- I wonder if they were able to relate to any of the characters in the story.
- I wonder if they were living through a really rough season and found solace in escaping into a story.
- I wonder if there was the noise of children running through the house as they read.
- I wonder if they enjoyed a cup of coffee as they read.
- I wonder if anyone has taken this book into the bathroom....ew, abort that thought!  Abort!  Abort! ...
- I wonder if anyone has taken this book to the beach...there, that's better.  The beach...ahhh :-)

The church that I went to while I lived in the Los Angeles area, would sometimes leave me in a place of wonder.  We met in a building on Hollywood Blvd. just blocks away from the Kodak Theater.  The building was also a Hollywood Historic Site.

I would sometimes find myself thinking of all the people that had been in that theater and wondering what movie stars had sat in the very seat that I was sitting in.  It was actually a pretty cool thing to think about.

I sat in wonder many many times when I lived in a little studio apartment in Midtown Memphis.  The building was The Gimore on the corner of McLean and Madison (for all you Memphis folks).  It was built in the 1930s and, to my understanding, once served as a hotel.  Oh the wonder that would ensue as I dreamed of the history of that little apartment of mine.  It had seen many tenants.  There were probably many fights, many laughs, many drunken nights (not while I lived there, though), and even some pot smoking ... again, not while I lived there.  However, my little apartment did exist through the 60s :-)

I also love flea markets, thrift stores, and antique stores for their vintage appeal.  You can find so many cool things and it leaves me wondering about the homes that they came from.

And then there is the wonder that comes at a historical landmark.  It is very sobering for me when I visit a battlefield.  It actually tends to make me sad to know that the land that I stand on is stained with blood. But I always leave grateful for those who paid a price for freedom.

Oh, this wondering mind of mine.  There never seems to be a dull moment in this girls head :-)


  1. oh mel. i really love that i get to be friends with you. and because i prefer people commenting on my blog, rather than facebook...i post here:-) love the blog facelift! super fun.

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  4. I often wonder too....what my life would have been without you....and find that my heart skips a I would be nothing without you growing at my feet...this world would never have been the same....without MEL in it participating in God's Big Game....of loving the unlovely and searching for His truth...and sharing her beautiful countenance and laugh to with a mothers heart toward a child so dear....only God above could love you more, never fear


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