Thursday, January 13, 2011

What to watch

As promised, here is a list of films that I recommend for anyone wanting to learn a little more about modern day slavery:

Invisible Children

This film actually holds a pretty special place in my heart.  I first saw it in October of 2005 and it was the first time that my eyes were fully opened to the issue of modern day slavery.  God used this film and other circumstances in my life to awaken purpose and send me in new directions.  To learn more about Invisible Children and to be updated on what they currently have going on, you can visit their website here.

Born Into Brothels

"Born Into Brothels" won the 2005 Academy Award for best documentary.  It is about a photographer who meets a group of children living in a brothel and teaches them how to take pictures.  Seeing the world through the lens of the camera placed in the hands of these children is beautiful.  One huge way that this film spoke to me is in using creative methods to reach the impoverished.  As a creative person, I long to be able to use the art of making things to impact the world.  For more information about the film and the children whose lives it documents visit the website "Kids with Cameras" by clicking here.


"Taken" is a movie that was released on the big screen in 2009.  It is about a retired CIA agent whose teenage daughter gets kidnapped and put in the European sex trafficking ring.  As you watch this film and see the efforts that one father goes to in order to rescue his daughter, look for the glimpse of God's heart and imagine the efforts that He goes to in order to rescue his children.  It kinda helps that the lead character is also the voice of Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia.  I guess that Liam Neeson plays a ferocious lion in many different ways :-)

Slumdog Millionaire

If you have not seen this movie, just go rent it.  I adore this film.  I love the story line.  I love the way it is filmed.  I even love the way they did the subtitling.  The kids in this movie make me want to file paperwork for adoption right now :-)  The soundtrack is also amazing (Latika's theme is one of my all time favorite songs - so magical).  Basically this movie is stunning.  There are many good reasons why it was up for so many Academy Awards.  To watch it also gives sight into the way that kids are used for profit in India.  "Slumdog Millionaire" - watch it.

Call + Response

Call + Response is a documentary film that gives a good overview with facts concerning human trafficking.  I got to see this movie with Lauren and Karisse while I was in LA.  They also have a heart to raise awareness about these issues.  I miss those gals.  For more information on the Call + Response initiative, go to their website here.


The movie "Trade" is about a girl in Mexico who is kidnapped and then brought to become a part of the sex trafficking ring in the United States.  Though this film is not a documentary, I believe that we must realize that this is happening in our own country.  Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean that it isn't happening.  This stuff is real and it is in your own backyard.

Svetlana's Journey

"Svetlana's Journey" is a film that was made by writer and director Michael Cory after his eyes were opened to the issue of sex trafficking while he was acting on location in Bulgaria.  I got to meet Michael a couple of times while I was in LA and he screened this film for the DTS (Discipleship Training School) a few times.  Visit this site for more information on the film as well others short films and public service announcements that the director has made.

Amazing Grace

Ahhh, I can't even watch this movie trailer without crying.  After all of those heavy movie recommendations, I leave you with one more filled with hope and inspiration.  William Wilberforce truly is a man of great inspiration.  His story shows us how one voice can make a huge difference.  Every time I watch "Amazing Grace", I am reminded of what I want my life to count for : the freeing of the captives.

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  1. OH my word. These are phenomenal. Just looking through this I can remember how each one of these impacted me and how God used them to point me towards fighting against human trafficking. I think that after watching "Amazing Grace" I was like: "Oh, it can be done. It will just take my whole life..." It was the clincher for me, and my sister and I stopped and prayed afterwards. (Kinda how we all stopped and prayed after the shock of Trade.) Did I tell you I met the real Dad from Taken? The real story is so much more graphic and heart wrenching than the movie, if that's possible. But he really did hunt down the traffickers, but he never saw her again.


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