Friday, January 21, 2011

Freedom Friday - what I think about when there is no sleep

Awhile back I started what was going to be a regular Friday post called Fair Trade Friday.  But I found that the title just limits me too much, so I have decided to rename my Friday posts "Freedom Friday".  This came to me at about 3:00 am.  Which really leads to what I want to share today.

I couldn't sleep last night.  From about 12:00 to 4:00 my eyes were wide awake.  Granted I did get a few hours of sleep before my bladder did the midnight wake up call.  So, don't feel too sorry for me.  I got a good 5 hours of sleep and I am good to go for today :-)

I opened my window shade to see if the snow forecasted was actually happening (it wasn't) and then I just laid in my bed listening to music, thinking, and looking into the sky outside.  Here is the music I was listening to:

It is currently my favorite CD.  You can buy your own here or on iTunes using the giftcard you got for Christmas like I did :-)  

A lot of times when I listen to music I tend to dance around in my head - imaginary dancing Melany has awesome moves :-)  It's one of the ways I tend to connect deeper with Jesus.  

As I was listening...and my head, one line really penetrated my heart.  "There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain."  

You know, it's really so very true and gives such great hope.  There is not anything that I can do in my human strength.  But through the power Jesus left in His Spirit, I can break chains.  The name of Jesus is powerful and makes darkness flee.  

I love the name of Jesus.  I love the man of Jesus (He is my favorite).  I love His love for us and His sacrifice defeating all evil and replacing it with great power and hope.  He truly is the hope of the world.

The issue of modern day slavery moves me.  It really does break my heart and one thing that I have come to know is that I am oh so grateful for the compassion of God.  I literally can't handle this feeling on my own.  When I lay in the quiet of my room and can see faces of children in my head, the brokenness is something that I can't bear on my own.  But I know that the anger and hurt that I feel over the issue does not even begin to compare to how God feels about it.  He just gives me the very little piece that I can handle.  Any more and I would literally explode.

I believe God to be moving in the area of modern day slavery and I enlisted into the army years ago.  I look forward to more opportunities to get involved.  I cling to hope, which means that I cling to Jesus.  I stand grateful for the one who gives all power.

By the way, if you want to know some more about the power I write about and praying with that power, check out the message from my church this past Sunday:

Expecting HIS Power from DC Metro Church on Vimeo.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Over the weekend I plan to do some lighter posts like some of my favorite things on Etsy and my first time making homemade bread over Christmas.  Be back soon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I will look into that CD! I need some new music. I love you. So glad that you are involved in the fight for freedom. For yourself and for others! ;) Can't wait to see your favorite etsy things too. I love your blog! ;)


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