Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today I watched a documentary film titled "A Walk to Beautiful" about women in Ethiopia who become injured during childbirth as their bladder is torn in the process of labor. Many are in labor for days and the child does not survive. The story is told of women who travel to Adis Ababa to undergo a surgery that will allow them to urinate normally. Evidently is not rare for women in Ethiopia to have a condition in which a hole is made in their bladder allowing urine to leak regularly. These women are looked down upon by their families and their community. Many of these women find themselves in this condition because they marry at a very young age and their bodies are just not yet ready for childbirth. One woman named Wubete grabbed my heart. Two surgeries did not correct her condition and she was at the point that she felt that she had nothing to live for. When there seemed to be nothing more that could be done for her, she was given a devise that is inserted in her urethra which gives her the capabilities to empty her bladder without having to deal with the leaking. While her body could not be restored to normal she was given the capabilities to live a somewhat normal life. However, there was so much more that she had to deal with. This is a young girl who did not want to return to her village, because for her she felt that she had nothing there. As I watched this girl tell her story, I found myself praying for her and praying that God would meet her where she is right now. This is what happens when you watch documentaries, the real life of people played out before your eyes. You find yourself connected to them in a way that transcends distance. Even though I am just watching a film on my laptop, I know that I can participate in what is going on through prayer. I know that God hears me as I petition for Wubete and that He acts on my behalf. The story ends with Wubete working at an orphanage, caring for young children. She found a home away from her village and a way to impact the lives of others. And today I hope that she is encouraged by our Father, a prayer spoken thousands of miles away.

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